Other People’s Money: The Baucus “Healthcare” Proposal

December 1, 2008

By now most of the country has heard about Senator Baucus’ proposal for ending the troubled “healthcare system” in this country. My first response to the “Baucus” proposal is: start using correct terminology. I, for one, have become very weary of pundits and politicians alike who use the term “healthcare” to discuss “health insurance.” Nowhere in the Baucus proposal is there a plan for getting more primary care providers to see actual patients! The proposal expands local, state and federal government programs and government’s regulatory authority. It does not provide essential healthcare to anyone. But, I digress! These are topics for another day; as is the topic of why it took so long for our esteemed Senator to get to this particular problem.

The topic for today’s edition of “Other People’s Money” is the insignificant little detail contained within the proposal regarding taxation of Health Care Benefits provided by employers to their employees. That’s right, as an employee, your benefits package might now be taxed to ensure there is a sufficient amount of money to pay for the Senator’s Proposal. Can anyone out there say, Disincentive? Can anyone say, Hypocrisy? If you can, I hope you are shouting out loud within the confines of your abode!

First, Hypocrisy: the election not far behind us, is there one soul out there who did not see or hear the various advertisements by Senators Obama, Baucus, and Tester (in some print materials), accusing John McCain of wanting to tax YOUR healthcare benefits package? Do you think these guys believed they could get away with the accusations meant to undermine McCain by making the statement during the heat of the campaign when “nobody is paying attention?” If you’re not certain of the answer, get back to me.

Second, Disincentive: what happens on the playground when one child is repeatedly punished for being thoughtful and respectful of another child? You don’t need a psychology degree to figure out the answer. Say it with me: reinforced negative behavior and mistrust. The Proposal is no more than a “big boy’s” version of childish games which reinforces negative rather than positive behaviors. Business can’t trust employees! Employees can’t trust employers! Everybody needs to look to the ever growing “Big Daddy!” Let us hope there is a great deal of Montana All-American Introspection associated with this new Proposal!

Wishing you a good day, Justitia!


Where Do Bad Bills Go to (hopefully) Die?

November 29, 2008

I know it’s been mentioned before here, but in case you missed that, check out www.badbills.com where you will find specific bills, unrelated to the party of the sponsor, highlighted for being particularly “bad” in the eyes of Bozeman-ite Steve White. I have yet to disagree with him on his assessments.

That’s not the only feature of his website. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the process of a bill becoming a law in the State of Montana, he links to several tutorials explaining it in detail. Also included- legislative resources and links to things like the Montana Constitution, Legislative Committees, and a daily session agenda.

http://www.badbills.com is a great resource especially as we approach what is going to be a very difficult and contentious session… And while ignorance is said to be bliss, when it comes to state spending, I would disagree and say that more knowledge is the key to frugal and wise governing. So study up on the bills coming up this session and make sure to keep in touch with your legislators- they work for you!


November 26, 2008

I am following with interest the recent decision by the Federal Reserve to guarantee loans made by “rich Arabs” to America’s Citigroup. You remember Citigroup, the company with truly bad accounting, investing, and lending practices. The same company which teetered on the edge of insolvency until investors from Saudi Arabia and other UAE countries decided to loan money to our American enterprise to help it meet its obligations. Well now, in what appears to be an extension of the great American bailout, our Treasury Department is providing taxpayer backed guarantees for the loans made to our friendly neighborhood Citigroup executives.

Personally, I do not take issue with the Treasury Department’s decision; though I am concerned with the lack of public disclosure and participation. It is one of the responsibilities of our federal government to protect outsiders against those of us who would otherwise use fraudulent means to achieve their self-interested goals in violation of U.S. and International Laws. This includes assuring American laws which regulate securities and other investments apply equally to everyone regardless of the “national origin” of the money being invested. And, whether you and I like it or not, in the absence of providing these guarantees, our country’s inhabitants might well be subjected to all manner of manipulation and/or retaliation. Yes, my friends, if the federal government fails to protect investments by foreign nationals in our institutions we lose more credibility than we do for waging war.

This latest decision by the Treasury Department is no more than an extension of our federal government’s policies of bailing out poorly run enterprises, individuals, and state and local governments. Unfortunately, in this and many other instances, it is the bad behavior of individuals that necessitates the federal government’s stepping in to protect our system of government; including, our legal system (our laws). The “FEDS” are taking responsibility for protecting our system of government because some of our citizens feel the inherent need spend more than they earn or to somehow increase their inflated sense of self-worth by getting one over on the “other” guy. The FEDS, via the great American Taxpayer revenue stream, are covering up for the ill-informed, under-educated, and/or otherwise unacceptable, personal decisions and behaviors of US: you and me.

This latest decision also further reinforces the need for government intervention in the personal decision making processes. [Lest we forget, government programs are self-perpetuating only in the absence of personal responsibility.] By covering-up our self-serving behaviors, the FEDS are taking responsibility for the actions of American citizens. The FEDS are also doing what unchecked government does best: spreading the costs and risks associated with personal actions across the spectrum to every citizen. Finally, the FEDS are ensuring that more programs and more dollars for oversight are necessary. I can see it now: a new 12-step program for American citizens who overspend; American citizens who invest their retirement dollars unwisely; and, of course, for financial planners and investors who simply have no self-control. Because we as individuals refuse to accept responsibility for our own decision making processes, the FEDS will once again redefine personal accountability and make everyone else pay for the bad behavior of a few.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you beginning to understand why our country is certain difficulties? Do any of us have a family structure anymore? The Federal Government is not a proper paternal or maternal figure. And, despite what some in our country believe – ie., “it doesn’t matter, those rich Arabs can afford to absorb a little loss” – it simply is not good business to seek investors for a failing institution with no intention of repaying those investors. Citigroup was fully cognizant of this reality when it sought and accepted the loans from UAE. Citigroup was also fully cognizant that the FEDS could not (not would not, but COULD NOT) allow Citigroup to default on those same loans.

Wake up Montanans, it is time for some All-American Introspection. If there is anyone out there who does not understand these very basic principles, send me a message and we’ll have a more in-depth discussion.

Justitia will be a regular Contributor to Right In The Rockies. Today’s entry is the first in the series “Other People’s Money.” My appreciation to Rocky for providing this forum, let us please keep our dialogue civil, even in times of heated disagreement.

Voter Intimidation, fraud and frank talk on both sides!

October 9, 2008

This fax was sent to the Glacier County Elections Judge describing election violations and potential fraud in the 2006 election (Brian Schweitzer voter fraud claims – written, video).  The fax describes ballots leaving the polling place and others signing the voter sign in sheet for someone else.  Come on Montana wake up- lets clean up these elections and be honest.

Don’t forget the green voter cards- if you did I will remind you.  This card was given to voters at the doors of the polling place by Carol Juneau, then a free dinner was offered to the voters after they voted – this was hosted in the Browning school which is run by Carol’s husband.  Juneau might sound familiar right?  Yes, it’s the same Juneau that is a candidate fro OPI – Denise Juneau, Carol’s daughter.

Another priceless piece of election propaganda!

What’s going on in Cut Bank and Browning?  I thought Governor Brian Schweitzer was supposed to solve all these problems, I guess not. There should be an investigation into these voter fraud facts, or at least the Department of Justice should send poll watchers to oversee elections in Montana to ensure honest elections.  Since Forward Montana is the ACORN of Montana we need to be careful that the same voter fraud that took place in 2006 will happen again.  Forward Montana should expose all of their contacts with organizations such as ACORN, provide total and complete disclosure of funding and their employees and if any are convicted felons.

Since former Representative and Forward Montana employee Kevin Fury is married to Brian Schweitzer’s press secretary, Sara Elliott, we need to have all the phone records and emails opened up for the last four years…it just seems like the ties run pretty deep.  Governor Brian Schweitzer promised open government and delivered nothing except hiring several sitting Legislators (Kevin Furey, Eve Franklin, Sam Kitzenberg and Mike Cooney as well as many others) for cushy government jobs, committing electioneering-voter fraud and intimidating legislators and others to get his way.  Keep your promise and OPEN GOVERNMENT NOW and quite taking government Junkets!!!!

Denise Juneau helps Mom get a nice paycheck from the State of Montana

October 8, 2008

Did Denise use her position to get her mom a nice fat check for 20 minutes of work?  The following is the contract with Carol Juneau made back in 2001.  The contract was to speak at a luncheon conference sponsored by OPI and the Indian education for all program.

The interesting item is that Carol Juneau was a Legislator from Browning and Denise was running OPI’s Indian Education for all programs at the time of this contract.  Do you think that Denise was able to use her position to get her mom the job?  On top of this corruption, all of this was done under the careful watchful eye of our beloved Linda McCulloch (thanks Linda).

Just a reminder, this is the same Carol Juneau that intimidating her fellow Native Americans how to vote by handing out green voter cards illegally by handing out political propaganda at the entrance of the polling place in Browning.  I sure hope that Denise Juneau isn’t going to give any other sweetheart deals way to her cronies


Who are the labor unions working for! Them or their members????

October 7, 2008

Puttering around the internet I just found a cool website regarding union disclosure.  At the top just pick the Union circle then choose the state then go to the bottom and hit submit.  This will bring up all the unions in the state that you selected.

The reports for Montana showed the two main union leaders Eric Feaver from MEA-MFT and Jim McGarvey from the AFL-CIO.  below are the salaries for both, this will astonish you especially when they say they are fighting for their members – now I know why – they need their members to believe they are working for their best interest – to pay for their large salaries.

Eric Feaver

2001 $102,115

2002 $110,264

2003 $83,666

2004 $86,596

2005 $90,320

2006 $120,801

2007 $116,926


Jim McGarvey

2000 $94,600

2001 $91,593

2002 $92,880

2003 $83,666

2004 $86,596

2005 $153,378

2006 Not Available

2007 Not Available

Now I know why the Unions fight so hard to continue to increase government spending and raising taxes on the hard working people of Montana.  The one thing that I didn’t discuss is the total funds and dues that they collected from those members forced to pay union dues.  The unions use those dues to pay for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect democrats that will agree to all of their legislative demands.  Then they spend millions on staff salaries.  Help get this information out so the union members can start asking the important questions to their union leaders – why are you making so much and what do you do to earn your pay?

Senator John Brueggeman is in bed with Forward Montana!!!!!!!!!!

October 7, 2008

What’s going on here?  Senator John Brueggeman is in bed with Forward Montana?  What would you ask as a reporter, when a Republican State Senator starts to question the State Republican party in questioning voter registrations that a hardcore liberal leaning group was involved in?  Well the first question I would ask – does the Senator have anything to do with the group?

‘see, does the good Republican (I think not) Senator John Brueggeman have anything to do with Forward Montana – let the photos speak for themselves.

Republican Senator John Brueggeman with Democrat Michele Reinhart and special guest Matt Singer. NICE

Republican Senator John Brueggeman with the forward Montana welcoming committee.

David Sirota talking to Forward Montana about “political corruption” now I know this may be funny since he was the campaign adviser to the biggest corrupt politician that Montana has ever seen in modern times, Brian Schweitzer.

Matt Singer (Left in the West and also affiliated with “Progressive States Network”), David Sirota and Representative Diane Sands

These are the classy tee shirts that Forward Montana is selling to help the cause, I’m sure that John Brueggeman’s grandmother is quite proud of her grandson for supporting such upstanding language.  I’m sure that all the voters of senate district 6 were well served and proud of their much respected “ha-ha” Senator.

What mother wouldn’t be proud of this daughter?

It sure would be nice if the reporters Montana would actually do their home work and ask the tough questions just – do you have any involvement with this group?

It would also be nice for those people running for office under the Republican title would be true Republicans instead of being wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Dear Senator Brueggeman,

Thank you for your service!  Please come out of the closet and switch parties now, not after the election like Sam Kitzenberg did in the 2007 session.


Rocky Right.